Travel pillow


I used cricut for the travel image. Photoshop for stamps. Sublimation printing to put the image on the pillow.

I like the HTV on the pillowcase. However, there are a lot of other places I’ve have left off. The hardest part is remembering dates and places.

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Travelers Notebook

travel notebook

travel notebook

My love for photography and travel pair perfectly. Even though I take my professional camera equipment with me on trips, it’s often the iphone photos that bring the most joy. My Canon Ivy is great for printing 2x3 stickers for my travelers notebook.
(Products worth mentioning: Travelers Notebook from the Travelers Company, Sterilite container $4 from Target, Tombow dual markers (USE A COUPON if purchasing from craft stores), Canon Ivy (purchased on sale at Best Buy, Delafonics large pouch (purchased on Amazon), and Customized patch from Etsy, The best seller. I randomly found him. Turned out he does fantastic work.

Travel Wall

As a hobby, I love to craft. A year ago, I purchased a Cricut. It’s been fun making my teenagers t-shirts, wood signs and other vinyl related crafts. I “Cricut” when I need a break from editing photos.
I decided to combine Cricut with my photography. In my home office, I have a “travel wall” . On the wall, I have a U.S map so I can put my favorite photos with a pin. Also on my wall is a basket for postcards, and a collage of my travel photos.

I’m going to use this blog to post what I use for my travel notebook and other Cricut crafts. Keep in mind, I like to buy things when they are on sale.


What’s on the wall?

Sign made with Annie Sloan paint and Cricut. Photos are my travel photos.
Goodhangups is an awesome product for holding up photos